We now use many robots in everyday life, for tasks such as cleaning, physical and cognitive support, telepresence, entertainment, maintenance, transport, support in manufacturing activities, and surveillance; new applications are continuously being proposed and developed. This specialized track treats the topics necessary to develop autonomous robots and to interface them with their users. Among the computer science topics of the subject, we mention robot architectures, sensor data analysis, planning, and interfaces. Computer vision has a great importance; it also has many applications that go beyond the scope of robotics, such as: measures without contact, video-surveillance, visual analysis of gestures, automatic event annotation, visual interfaces in entertainment and in device control, support to rehabilitation, and the automation of home processes such as distance monitoring. Technologies that were developed in robotic challenges are now adopted in other areas: route planning is also used in industrial and chemical design, and visual perception systems are used in surveillance and monitoring quality control.


Contact Professor: Prof. Caglioti