The purpose of this track is to provide prospective computer engineers with the knowledge necessary to understand enterprises and their operational and management processes, and the functional and architectural features of the technologies they employ. The student will acquire the skills required to support top management in strategic decisions and to manage their implementation, taking a leading role in information systems management. The track’s general area is the design and management of information systems, of their processes and services in complex environments. The track does not only address skills related to the development of software systems. A deep knowledge of the technology and the structure of information systems is coupled with specific knowledge of economy, process modeling middleware, and other more general courses, with the objective of clarifying the implications the adoption of information systems has both within a single enterprise and in relations between enterprises. The track offers wide job opportunities, especially in consulting firms, software companies, and system integrators.


Characterizing courses: Business information systems, Technologies for information systems, Process and service design, Economia dei servizi e delle reti, Middleware technologies for distributed systems, Informatica e diritto, Advanced user interface, Recommender Systems.


Contact Professor: Prof.ssa Pernici