Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is pervasive in modern Health Care and Life Sciences: from the biomolecular sector to the healthcare and clinic ones, to information technologies that support people with special needs, including sensor networks, wearable computing, nano-technological instrumentations for producing experimental data, robotic systems, and systems for augmented reality. Similarly, ICT contributes in a crucial way to Bioinformatics and to e-Health. The collection, access, and usage of data are necessary, in the research domain, to the advancement of bio-medical knowledge; and, in the healthcare and clinical domains, to the diagnosis, therapy, and reabilitation. The purpose of the Bioinformatics & e-Health track is to provide deeper and more advanced knowledge and training on the techniques and methodologies that are typical of ICT, besides basic skills in biology, physiology, biomolecular signals and data, advanced production technologies of biomedical and biomolecular data, clinical and healthcare diagnosis and care processes, and skills in technological standards for data interoperability and biomedical and healthcare systems. The track is typically interdisciplinary.


Contact Professor: Prof. Masseroli