Interactive applications are pervasive in every aspect of our lives, and influence the way in which we learn, work, acquire information, play, or socialize. They are rich in content and services, and more and more innovative in terms of interaction devices and paradigms. Developing a high-quality interactive application is a multidisciplinary activity, requiring a mix of competences: high technical expertise, understanding the specific application domain, and creativity. To train engineers with this profile, this track aims at developing two kinds of skills: transversal skills, concerning technological aspects (about modern interaction devices such as smart phones, tablets, large displays, wearable visors, sensing technology to detect movements, gestures, and touch, and related software frameworks) and theoretical/methodological aspects (interaction paradigms, techniques for UX quality evaluation, methods for user data gathering and analysis); vertical skills on specific application domains, such as: interactive TV, games, shopping and retail, learning and education, culture and tourism, health and well-being. 


Contact Professor: Prof. ssa Garzotto